You will find that from time to time I will dive into random topics and personal issues. Posts may seem out of the blue, but were something I felt I could share with you as readers.

Topics such as my passion for ending kids cancer with the Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation are touched upon in posts like Are We There Yet and Hey Cancer, Fuck You. They are passionate posts, but also teach me that I need to be grateful for the wonderful people around me every day.

You can discover a bit about my time on  the road to my MBA. I meant to write more often, I actually had some great ideas about sharing my journey with the world. Alas, it was not meant to be as the writing I had the time to do was quickly absorbed with the work that helped me to get the degree.

Today you will find me heading through my second round of graduate studies as I work towards my Master of Arts in Education and Technology or in the areas of topics I might be excited about through the archives.

So pick a post noted above, or just take some time and learn a bit more about me with my Commentary feed.

Share your thoughts....

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