I’m passionate about business strategy, ecommerce, and everything happening on the web, in love with functional master data, enterprise content, master data management and process efficiency.

As a consultant, I tackle the challenges that technology evolutions and user habits are doing to the content and data we collect and how it impacts our views of business. I have deep skills in data, ecommerce, digital marketing, technology, and strategy.

As an eager technologist who is committed to learning new skills, I like to try new things. They range from academic pursuits to mountain biking and podcasting. I believe that tackling challenges with a fresh approach is critical to finding new solutions to old problems and insight can be discovered when we least expect it.

I graduated with an MBA in Executive Management (2014) from Royal Roads University where my graduate project focused on operational governance in addition to volunteer motivation and retention in the not for profit space. Followed quickly by a PGDip in Education and Technology (2016) and MBS studies on gender and diversity in the executive space (est. Oct 2018), my love for learning is fuelled by the constantly changing marketplace.

Epic Lady
Erin Burrell with Mentor and Friend Linda Hughes

Professionally I helped found Global Workshop, I’ve opened divisions of companies, and am currently MD of a small consultancy that I founded in 2011. I’m an MInstD and work as a business mentor with Business Mentors New Zealand. You will also find me writing and speaking about #WomeninSTEM #WomeninLeadership and just good old fashioned #Leadership places like Code Like A Girl.

I’m a volunteer, a consultant, a student and so many things as I can’t wait to learn something new.

Not long ago I decided that words on a page were no longer adequate and started a podcast that can be found over at Critically Drinking or find it on iTunes Soundcloud or Stitcher.

Contact Me:

Hit up the contact form here or you can find me on LinkedInGoogle+, and Twitter.


All content on these pages was written and edited by Erin Burrell.

The opinions voiced do not represent any current or future employer.

No content should be reproduced without written permission from Erin Burrell

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