This is your pep talk

Dear You,

I know that you might have forgotten, but you are fantastic.

I wanted to remind you of all the things you had to accomplish just to get to this place, but the list was too long and would have served to fill the internet with triumphs that would sound boastful and be the opposite of the humble person you have become.

Let’s just put it this way: Yesterday’s you had no idea you would have gotten this far. Tomorrow’s you will look back on today and think about how proud they were of you.

Today I am here to tell you how proud I am of YOU. You are not just somebody. You are my hero. I look up to you for your efforts and ability to keep working towards your goals every day. Just knowing you helps me to get better and that is the sign of mastery, you cause other people to level up just by your example.


The minutes, days, and weeks to come will cause you to stumble, but stumbling is not stopping anymore than turning the page is the end of the story.


You don’t feel fully prepared for everything you are facing. I get that. If you did, it wouldn’t serve to push you higher on your fantastic trajectory.

Growth is uncomfortable, so keep stretching so that you can make space for the talent that is emerging from within you.

I know.

That you feel heavy with the weight of the efforts yet to come, but have faith that you are capable, strong, and smart enough to do the things that come next.

No matter what: You’ve got this. Bask in today’s victories and learn from it’s failures. Tomorrow’s you will be grateful for it.

Take a deep breath and take on the world and know that I will always be here to cheer you on and lift you up.

Much love,



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