Hey Cancer, Fuck You

Yeah, I said it. I’m sick of you coming into my life and bullying people I love.

You don’t seem to get it. We don’t want you here.

Erin FYC

All my life you have managed to surface just when I thought we were beating you. I understand you playing tough when I was small and weak. You thought you could overpower my life and steal people I love. But I’m not weak anymore. My family, friends, and I are all fighters and we want you gone for good.

Yes, you have stolen people who were magical like Patricia, Finn, Adam, Megan, and Marissa. But they taught us how to fight harder. Everyday people are beating you. My mom beat you, awesome friends like Taylor, Megan and Josh have outwitted you, and I promise that Auntie Anne is going to kick your ass too.


So today I am giving you notice. The odds are never going to be in your favour.


This is not some small issue where the bully steals your lunch money. You are stealing memories of moments that haven’t happened yet and photographs that can never be taken. These items are not replaceable and their value is unmatched.

You may not have noticed, but we are now stronger that you are. The statistics show it. More than 80% of kids are beating you and in the adult community the numbers are getting even better.


Take this post as a warning. Your reign of cruelty is almost over and we are going to move you from the front page to the history books very soon. You think because you come with complicated names like acute lymphoblastic leukemia, papillary carcinoma in situ, and cerebral lymphomas we don’t see you lurking behind them, but we do. You can’t hide from us anymore.


In the meantime we are going to celebrate life. Every. Single. Day. We are going to laugh until our tummies hurt and tears stream down our cheeks. We are going to have impromptu dance parties, and take photos of moments both big and small. We will run, jump, bounce, dance, sing, love, smile, and ride.

There will be love, hugs, and silliness in volumes that you can’t even imagine because these are our superpowers.


You have shown us your cards and its GAME OVER. “So put a quarter in your ass, cause you played yourself! And if you don’t like it then hey fuck you” ~Beastie Boys




I understand that some of you may take offence to this post and I am sorry if you do, but when we let bullies into our lives we give them permission to take things from us. I’m afraid the costs to this are just too high to sit quietly.

To make a donation to the Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation click here 


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