I don’t usually talk politics…

Growing up my parents had opposing opinions on politics and I learned that political conversations shouldn’t leave the kitchen table.  They rarely agreed on much in terms of candidates or platforms, but they always came to the same point.  You could have your opinion as long as you acted on it.

This lesson stayed with me.  You must have your vote placed and counted to deserve the right to an opinion be it good or bad in another’s eyes.

Don’t like your mayor?  Did you vote for or against him/her or did you stay home and eat pizza?

So…why  am I talking politics today?

Too many of us don’t vote.  We don’t voice our opinions where they have impact.  We need to start.  We need the people that we elect to impact what we want our cities, countries and world to reflect.

The magic of living in countries where we can select our leaders is that we can choose the ones that reflect ourselves.

Our world is in trouble.  The resources are starting to diminish faster than they restore.  Our kids are obese and brand logos are more familiar than authors or types of trees to them.  Our politicians select weapons over words. Our food is modified. Our world has changed and the only way to ensure it is changing the right way is by voicing our opinions on ballots.

Please vote.  Vote for your Mayor, the leader of your country and any other role that you can help to select.

I don’t care who you support.

Red, Blue, Left, Right.

Do what matters to you.  But please.  Act on your views by casting your vote.

2 thoughts on “I don’t usually talk politics…

  1. I couldnt agree more! My Mom instilled love of politics in us from a very young age she said no vote is ever wasted on the contrary if you don’t care enough to vote you arent entitled to complain about anything either


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