Five Reasons You Need New Workout Wear

I know it seems like a dumb idea to spend big money on clothes that are merely for getting sweaty in.  Work out wear has come a long way over the last few years and investing once in a while is worth every penny.  Fabrics are loaded with technology making them more comfortable, flattering, and less smelly.  What I can never fully comprehend is the fact that I have watched people buy $200 dress shoes that they may wear ten times this year and yet refuse to replace the running shoes that they wear at least a few times a week.

Motivated by this and the sights I have seen in the gym and on the trail I have devised a list of why you need to buy new fitness apparel and no… it is not so you can have cooler stuff than your friends or to ensure that your tank and gelato match.

  1. It genuinely wears out:  Clothing that has fabrics like spandex and luon break down over time which causes them stop doing what they are designed to do.  This will show in the fact that those Lululemonpants that made your bum look awesome are now all rough and bumpy and your bum… well… it just looks like your bum again.  Even worse is the risk that at some point your threadbare bottom may peek out and say hello to your neighborhood.
  2. Your training is working:  There is nothing worse than being three kilometres into a ten kilometre run when your pants start to fall down(trust me on this one).  Making sure your clothes fit will help to ensure that you will have a great work out.  Oh… and ladies this is especially important when it comes to exercise bras, they do not offer compression when they are too big for you.  The other fact is that you aren’t seeing the results of your effort, wearing clothes that are the correct size will help you show off those legs you have been squatting for.
  3. You can’t keep up with the laundry:  Rule of thumb is that you need as many sets of apparel as work outs you will complete in a week.  Set yourself up for success so that you don’t have to be the guy that skips a training ride because all of your bib shorts are dirty and you haven’t had a chance to do laundry.
  4. It smells bad:  I don’t care if your clothes are made of Silver or Kryptonite.  There is a point in the life of a garment where no amount of washing will rid it of your historical workouts.
  5. It is going to hurt you:  Sports apparel like running shoes, or helmets have foam padding that is designed to break down over time.  When the foam in your runners no longer bounces back it causes your joints to be the only cushion.  Replacing a knee or hip is a big deal.  Replacing your Nike’s not so much.

*I buy new fitness clothing as required following the guidelines stated above.This tends to end up being a complete replacement cycle about once a year.Nobody has sponsored this post or given me anything for free to say it.I exercise between three and six days a week pretty much year round.Fitness apparel adds up to more than half of my annual wardrobe spending and I believe that it is worth every penny.

Granted… if someone wanted to give me free stuff to try out I would happily offer my opinion on the goods.

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