The Path to Good Intentions

I have a friend who is absolutely brilliant.  He has opinions that make you think.  He inspires conversations that stay with you.

He used to blog.  It was clever and challenged your perceptions and preconcieved notions of everything from bacon to music.
Last year he came up with an idea.  It was amazing.  He was going to redefine his blog and create an entire brand surrounding it.
He kept the concept pretty quiet.  He wanted a bold design and layout ready before he made the domain public.  The only reason I got to know about it was because he wanted to bounce the brand and concept off someone who wouldn’t judge it before seeing it live.
I just discovered that he never finished the design and let the domain lapse.  Life, it seems got in the way of his execution.
Now the world will not get this chance to know how smart he really is, and since he neglected his old blog for the last year they have mostly forgotten his older very clever posts.
So the question I have to ask is if you have a seedling of an idea do you plant it and water it in a pot that you know it will outgrow just so that it can at least start to take root?
The challenge it seems that those of us with big brands behind us in our day lives face is the need to “go big or go home”, when just going would have been enough to start.
So I allude to the path of good intentions.  We can get detoured along the way, but there is nothing to say that we can’t still start.
It is never too late to begin a great project that will help you to grow and evolve, even if you have to start it just a little bit smaller than you originally intended.

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