Erin Burrell Consultant Technologist SpeakerErin Burrell is an eager technologist who is committed to learning new skills, which range from consulting, academic pursuits and even mountain biking and podcasting. She believes that tackling challenges with a fresh approach is critical to finding new solutions to old problems.
Erin graduated with an MBA in Executive Management (2014) from Royal Roads University where her graduate project focused on operational governance in addition to volunteer motivation and retention in the not for profit space. Recently finished her second  Royal Roads post graduate experience where she completed a PGDip in Education and Technology, Erin Burrell is running full speed into her academic addiction with a foray into an MBS focused on Gender and Diversity at Massey University in New Zealand.
Professionally Erin works as an independent technology and business consultant solving challenges for clients across the globe. Erin is also a Myers-Briggs MBTI Practitioner, MInstD, and works with Business Mentors to help grow small and medium businesses in New Zealand.
Passionate about solving enterprise level challenges with technology, process improvement, and governance, Erin has fallen in love with collaborative solution design. With a diverse background across Canada, US, Europe, and Australasia in both the academic and corporate governance spaces, she is passionate about helping to get more women in leadership and STEM.
You can find Erin musing about the her passions here, as a contributor to Code Like A Girl, and on her podcast at Critically Drinking.